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Prime 9: Kacy Muller

02/25/2016 6:03 AM -

Throughout the rest of this offseason, here at periodically we’re going to feature a staff member with a “Prime 9.” First up is Kacy Muller, the T-Bones’ director of ticket sales and merchandise. Muller has "grown up" around the T-Bones for several years, but she joined the club in her current position in 2015.

1. My hero growing up was: My godmother, Melanie Yules. She is a strong, independent woman that always set lofty goals, and worked hard to achieve them. She was able to balance her professional aspirations with her dedication to family and friends. The support and advice she provided throughout my childhood and now into adulthood is something I value more than she may ever know.
2. My favorite highlight of working with the T-Bones has been: Coming back last season! The team has always held a special place in my heart. It’s where I began my career in sports. So now coming back after my time with away in Triple-A baseball and hockey, it feels great to come back “home.”
3. My favorite thing about Kansas City is: my family. Aside from my immediate family we are fortunate to have so much extended family here as well.
4. My favorite sports team, besides the T-Bones of course, is: The Wichita State Shockers (alumni) and Oklahoma Sooners.
5. My favorite movie is: A League of Their Own
6. My favorite TV show is: Cougar Town
7. The biggest influence on my life has been: My parents have been the biggest influences in my life. By having them as mentors in my life I have gained a wealth of knowledge on a myriad of areas, all of which have guided me in academics, athletics, career, motherhood. I am truly blessed to have the three best possible role models and support system.
8. The best advice I’ve ever received is: MTXE- Mental Toughness, X-tra Effort. This is a WSU Basketball slogan from 80s. It became a family mantra as I grew up, in tough situations someone would say “MTXE” and I would instantly refocus and handle whatever task was ahead of me. This is something I continue to use today and am teaching my daughter about as she learns new things.
9. If I could meet one person in history, living or dead, it would be: My husband’s father. From the way Alex speaks of him and the bond they had, I would cherish an opportunity to meet him and learn more about him, and I'm sure he could tell me some stories about Alex as a child.