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KC-flavored World Series predictions

10/21/2014 9:38 AM -

With the series beginning tonight, it’s that time of the year for the T-Bones front office and baseball staff to make its World Series predictions. For the first time in the history of our organization, our “hometown” Kansas City Royals are playing for the championship! Because of that, a couple people have abstained (after all, we don’t want to jinx the Royals by picking them) but we’ve also added a little twist: several people have included their best memories from other championships. Oh, and one other note. Since the Royals are playing the Giants, we’ve invited Stan Duitsman, our former Director of Media Relations and die-hard Giants fan, to join the fun.

In honor of the Royals reaching the postseason — let alone the World Series — for the first time since 1985, we’re going to lead off with two people who had ties to that club, our first base coach and then our Vice President/General Manager. After that it’s in alphabetical order:

Frank White, First Base Coach (and, incidentally, Royals Hall of Fame player)
Royals in six.
“Other than winning the Worlds Series in 1985, my favorite championship memory is hitting a home run in the third game against St. Louis.”

Chris Browne, Vice President/General Manager
“My favorite championship thoughts? I’ll never forget being in the Royals clubhouse with the team after game seven of the 1985 World Series. Taking it all in as a 15-year-old bat boy. By the way, there were no hats, t-shirts or goggles back then! We celebrated with champagne the old fashioned way – bottles poured over heads and in our eyes while in uniform! I can still feel the sting…

“I’ll never forget our ’08 Championship with the T-Bones…

“And after the Royals clinched the ALCS at home last week vs. the Orioles to go back to the World Series for the first time in 29 years, our manager, John Massarelli, reached out to me and asked if I was down on the field with the guys celebrating (through some of my connections over there with the crew and alumni). I said “No, that’s their party. I want to celebrate with you, our coaches and team on OUR field in KCK in 2015!” And I think Mazz will get us there…

“But what I never thought I’d hear in my life? When I came home late that afternoon after the Royals won the pennant, my 7-year-old son Brett is waiting for me at the door and says, “Daddy, the Royals are going to the World Series!”  Chills. Speechless. Smiles.

“Predictions? I am not good at that. But how can you bet against the Royals?”

Rylan Brody, Director of Operations
Royals in four.
“My favorite championship memory was when my fourth grade basketball team took home the championship in a thrilling shootout, 33-32. Or, I guess Mario Chalmers’ shot was pretty awesome, too, for KU in 2008. My hand still hurts from high-fiving people on Mass Street that night.”

Crystal Collins (McQuain), Director of Ticket Sales
Royals in six.
“My favorite championship story has got to be KU in ’08. I left the room because I thought it was over – and then the miracle happened!”

Stan Duitsman, former Director of Media Relations
“Oh, Royals...why didn't you pick an odd number year to make this run!? I've been in the KC area for 14 years now, met my wife in this city, and it looks like we'll probably settle down here. Great people, great food, great vibe...and now, the return of pennant-winning baseball. However, this is where I get off the bandwagon. I've been a Giants fan almost as long as the Royals went between pennants, and I'm hoping the legacy they're building includes another parade down Market St. So, Kansas City, I hope we can still be friends: Giants in five.”

Adam Ehlert, President
“As much as I’d like to see this record-breaking sweep continue, I’d more prefer an extra few games of baseball. Royals in seven.”

Joe Goll, Manager of Promotions
Royals in six.
Favorite championship memory: “Lakers winning back-to-back NBA championships in 2009 and 2010, and the Packers winning the 2011 Super Bowl. That was a solid three years for me.”

Stephen Hardwick, Assistant Director of Group Sales
Royals in seven.
“My favorite championship moment was Mizzou winning the SEC East in 2013. That was my senior year at Mizzou and it was very exciting times in Columbia during that time span.”

Scott Hull, Group Sales Coordinator
Royals in six.
“My favorite championship moment was seeing Oklahoma State beat Oklahoma for the Big 12 championship. The program had never won the Big 12  and it was really special to see that happen. I was at the game that night and rushed the field alongside the other 60,000 fans. It was a moment I’ll never forget about and I’m so thrilled that I was a part of it.”

Connor Terry, Account Executive
Royals in six.
“Although Phillip Rivers’ 2011 fumble on Monday Night Football vs. the Chiefs is a close second, I have to go with the final Big 12 basketball matchup at Allen Fieldhouse with Missouri visiting Kansas (it was the 267th meeting, where the Jayhawks historically dominated Missouri  — 172-95). This was the year Thomas Robinson blocked (more like swatted) the ball from the Missouri guard to send the game into overtime. The Jayhawks won in overtime. I was there, and couldn’t hear anything or anyone for the rest of the night because my hears were ringing.”

John Massarelli, Manager
Royals in seven.

David Schaub, Third Base Coach
Royals in five. (Can I really pick against them?? But the longer the series, the more I think it favors the Giants.)
“My favorite championship game memory, besides winning the 2009 Frontier League title with Lake Erie has to be 2002 National Championship in football with the Ohio State Buckeyes beating the Miami Hurricanes.”