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T-Bones Staff Takes in Moneyball

10/07/2011 8:47 AM -

As proud members of independent minor league baseball, the Kansas City T-Bones fit the ultimate definition of a small market team. With that focus in mind, the T-Bones staff took a break on Friday, October 7 for a staff viewing of the story of the Oakland Athletics, Moneyball.

Oakland General Manager Billy Beane made an impact in the baseball industry when he began focusing less on scouting and more on the statistical side of the game. As the head of a small-market team, Beane realized that, to be successful, he would need to find areas of the game that had become undervalued to compete with the larger market organizations. While rejected at first, this idea has now been embraced by all markets and has helped shape a new era in the business of baseball.

The concept of finding and utilizing undervalued aspects of business is vital in any industry, and is at the heart of minor league baseball. As the T-Bones enter their 10th anniversary season the focus remains on finding new and imaginative ways to keep the fans excited, and to bring another championship to Kansas City!

Staff Reviews:

"Moneyball will rank in the top 3 baseball movies of all time for me. Right up there with Little Big League and the Sandlot." - Jason Young, Box Office Manager

“It was great to get out of the office for a while on a Friday afternoon, and on top of that it was a great movie. It showed a completely different side of baseball that most people do not understand. The strategy that Billy Bean used truly changed the game forever. It was a great movie and it made me even more thankful that I get to work in the baseball industry.” - Ryan Thayer, Account Executive

”It was one of the best baseball movies I’ve seen. The fact that it is a true story really gave the film a lot of heart and emotion; and at one point, had me cheering against my beloved Kansas City Royals. Plus, the awkward humor moments of Jonah Hill were fantastic.” - Emily Hoskins, Director of Promotions