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Interview with Miles Wolff, Part III

04/25/2011 8:25 AM -

With the 2011 American Association League Meetings held at CommunityAmerica Ballpark earlier this month, T-Bones broadcaster Brian Bruce took the opportunity to speak with league commissioner Miles Wolff. Click through for a link to Part III of the interview.

Wolff, who has worked in baseball for more than 40 years, founded the first modern independent league when six cities in the Midwest and Canada began play in the Northern League in 1993. Under his leadership the Northern League grew into one of the premier independent leagues in the country, expanding to 18 teams by 2002. He is also currently commissioner of the Can-Am League, a six-team independent league located in the Northeast and Canada. Wolff served as the commissioner of the Northeast League from 2003-2004 and the Central League from 2002-2005, and founded the current edition of the American Association on October 11, 2005.

He was recently selected as the one of the best owners in sports by ESPN 25, a history of the network. In addition to Wolff's #8 ranking, the Top Ten Best Owners List includes four Major League Baseball owners, three National Football League owners and two National Basketball Association owners. He has also written two books, Season of the Owl (1980), a novel about minor league baseball, and Lunch at the 5 & 10 (1970), an account of the 1960 Greensboro sit-ins by African-American students at the Woolworth's eatery. Wolff was president and publisher of Baseball America, the leading publication of professional baseball, and is also the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball (1997).

In Part III, Wolff wraps up the discussion with his favorite part about working in baseball.

Click here for a link to Part III of the interview.