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Staff Tabs Giants as World Series Champs

10/27/2010 9:33 AM -

In the third annual intraoffice poll, the T-Bones front office has chosen the San Francisco Giants as the 2010 World Series champions. The Giants are making their first World Series appearance since 2002, while the Texas Rangers have earned their first trip to the Fall Classic in franchise history. The T-Bones staff correctly chose the Yankees in 2009.

With a tally of 8-4, the 12 members of the office staff chose the Giants with the majority of both sides projecting that the series will go at least six games.  A win would give the Giants their first championship since moving from New York following the 1957 season.

While in the minority with his selection, T-Bones account executive Jason Young had an interesting take on the upcoming series.

“MIZZOU product Ian Kinsler will lead the Rangers to victory in seven,” said Young. “They will also call up Walker…Texas Ranger, aka Chuck Norris, to roundhouse kick a home run. Sorry, Stan!”

Upon hearing Jason’s analysis, Assistant General Manager and University of Kansas alum, Eric Marshall, immediately responded.

“While it is true that Jason is a Missouri product like Mr. Kinsler,” added Marshall, “we all know his true colors are crimson and blue, as evidenced by his nickname All-Day Baby Jay.”

One T-Bones staffer will be watching extra close over the next week. Stan Duitsman, the T-Bones media director, has followed two decades of Giants baseball and believes this is the most exciting team yet.

“This is the best Giants team I’ve seen in my 20 years as a Giants fan,” said Duitsman. “Overall talent wise, maybe not so much. The Bonds/Kent years stick out, as well as the ’89 squad in that aspect. But those teams usually waited for someone to step up and carry the team, while this squad has a new star each week.”

Duitsman added his prediction to the staff tally, albeit reluctantly.

“The only thing I can predict with any conviction is that I will probably age 10 years this series,” added Duitsman. “I’ll laugh, I’ll yell, my dog will hide in the corner, and I’ll probably need to replace the remote. But I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

The World Series begins tonight at AT&T Park with first pitch set for 6:57. Coverage on FOX begins at 6:30.

The complete staff pick list:
Adam Ehlert:  Rangers in 5
Chris Browne:  Rangers in 7
Eric Marshall:  Giants in 6
Scott Steckly:  Rangers in 6
Stan Duitsman:  GIANTS in 6
Kurt Sieker:  Giants in 6
Joey Fitzgerald:  Giants in 6
Rylan D. Brody:  Giants in 4
Jason Young:  Rangers in 7
Emily Hoskins:  Giants in 7
Brian Bruce: Giants in 6
Sherrie Stover:  Giants in 4

Final tally:
Giants – 8
Rangers – 4