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KJ brings Diamond Gear to KC

07/30/2013 8:57 AM -


Living his life in the baseball grind inspired Kansas City outfielder Kennard Jones to do something a little different. He created Diamond Gear sports apparel to bring a voice to the culture and lifestyle of baseball with his twist on fashion.

“If you look good, you feel good,” Jones’ father used to say, and edging towards the backend of his career, Jones is only getting started on his future. The digitized silhouette of Jones has been the signature logo of Diamond Gear since the company’s beginning in 2005, when Jones wanted to bring his own flavor to the game.

Diamond Gear isn’t where Jones thought his future would take him, but playing a very traditional game that Jones says can get boring without some fresh flavors, he wanted to provide others with “their own swag.”

“My father used to have posters around the house so I could see myself and envision myself in the big leagues and he had a photo of me robbing a home run when I was in affiliated ball,” Jones said. “He digitized it and we put a stamp on it – copyrighted and trademarked.”

The future of Diamond Gear is on the rise, and Jones believes the key to success is promoting jobs in the United States and inspiring kids — giving them an insight of professional baseball.

“I’m not in the big leagues, but we do have a large following in independent ball,” Jones said. “A lot of kids look up to us, look for advice and look for a vision or some type of motivation to keep them going and to push them. I try to motivate and promote positivity as they continue to push for success in baseball.”

Although a small business and a family affair, Diamond Gear is not limited to those who spend their time on the field, but also for players’ wives, girlfriends and families and fans of the game.

“The lifestyle apparel is made for any and everybody that’s been a part of baseball and loves the world and atmosphere,” Jones says. “That’s what we’re trying to attract to the clothing line.”

His goal is to sell volumes, and volume is exactly what Diamond Gear provides. Ranging from lifestyle apparel to on-the-field gear, Jones is on his way as an entrepreneur to see his name in big box stores.

“I’m learning on the fly but I’m pushing the business pretty hard so it’s good to be mobile and gain awareness with the exposure to travel ball teams and little-league teams,” he said.

Establishing the business from what he knows – baseball – Jones hopes to see Diamond Gear products on backs across the country from little league to the big leagues.

“It’s like living the American Dream,” Jones said. “I can be an entrepreneur while still playing on the field, and I’m definitely looking forward to keep pushing it.”

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