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Our wishes for the 2017 New Year

01/01/2017 1:17 AM -

As we begin 2017, here are the New Year wishes by the members of our front office.

Chris Browne, Vice-President & General Manager
A championship for the T-Bones and their fans, a trophy for our owners, and a new ring on my finger!

Kyle Disney, Stadium Operations Coordinator
That it is better than 2016.

Stephen Hardwick, Director of Group Sales
Happy and healthy family. That’s all I can ask for. A Chiefs Super Bowl victory would be incredible, but that’s overly wishful thinking. 

Morgan Kolenda, Director of Marketing & Game Entertainment
To actually take some time off from work and give myself a vacation. I never really take a break! A beach sounds nice….or anywhere that’s not the Midwest.

Nathan Miller, Head Groundskeeper
To have a really successful year in my personal life and at the T-Bones.

Kacy Muller, Director of Tickets & Merchandise
My 2017 New Year’s wish is for our country can set aside the sense of entitlement and pull together and work together for the greater good.

Nick Restivo, Group Sales Associate & Internship Coordinator
A T-Bones Championship!

Karen Slaughter, Controller
My 2017 wish is for my family to continue in good health, and to have an abundance of peace in our lives. (And maybe a small lotto winning.)

Happy New Year from the T-Bones!