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Inside the Clubhouse with Al Benjamin

11/30/2007 11:20 AM -

This week we get to know Al Benjamin a little better.  Al was a mid-season acquisition and made an impact right away for the T-Bones.  You asked and Al answered the following questions.

As a Houston native, and a big Texans fan, if it were up to you, would you have picked Reggie Bush or Mario Williams in the 2006 draft?
Courtney – Kansas City, KS
If it were up to me I would have picked Vince Young, he is a local hero in Houston from his high school days and from winning the National championship at the University of Texas.  But I would have picked Reggie over Mario.
I heard you work at a law firm in the off-season.  What drew you to that?  Would you pursue a law degree after baseball?
Johnnie – Leavenworth, KS
I kind of fell into that, I coached the lawyer’s kids, and he knew I had a degree and we got to talking and he offered me a job.  It is very interesting, but I don't know if I'm up for 4 more years of school.
What will your walk-up music be for next year?  Will you stick with “This Is Why I’m Hot”?
Calvin – Lenexa, KS
Probably not, I usually change it every year.  I'll see what’s popular on the radio at the time and choose something then. 
What is your favorite Christmas song?
Jennifer – Topeka, KS
I would say Silent Night, the Temptations version.
What do you want for Christmas?
Lee – Lee’s Summit, MO
Not sure, I usually don't get presents anymore.  A winning  Mega Lotto ticket would be nice!!!
Who would win in a dizzy bat race between you, Mario Delgado, and Calvin Pickering?
Bill – DeSoto, KS
I would win that race no contest!!  They would both fall and I would have to jump over them for the victory!
What is your pre-game routine?
Ashley – Bonner Springs, KS
I usually stretch my whole body really good, drink an energy drink 30 min before, take a few swings in the cage to get mentally prepared for the game, and then throw and get my arm loose. I always run to center field and stretch my legs a little more,  run 6-8 sprints and then it should be time for the game to start.
How much does it bug you when the Schaumburg Flyers fans tell you you’re wearing the wrong jersey?
Chris, Ryan and Tyler – Palatine, IL
It doesn't bother me at all, I actually started that one by telling some visiting Schaumburg fans they had the wrong jersey on.  If this question is from them Happy Holidays.
What was it like playing for the in the Northern League and for the T-Bones and what did you expect going into it?
Sean – Kansas City, KS
It was awesome I really enjoyed it.  I had heard that KC was a good place to play.  In my 12 years of playing minor league ball, KC ranks in my top 3 as far as places I've played.  Great city, stadium, management, and most of all great supportive fans.  The Northern league is a very good league, but the travel can be a bit demanding at times.
What city was your favorite out of town destination?
Craig – Raytown, MO
As far as city my favorite was Schuamburg, there is a lot of stuff to do around there, being so close to Chicago, and the hotel was nice. I also swung the bat pretty well there which helps.  If I don't get any hits in a certain city then I'll usually hate it.
Because the season is long and very demanding, what do you like to do when the season’s over?
Ralf – Basehor, KS
When the season is over I like to just relax and do nothing for a couple of weeks.  I also like to fix stuff, in the off season when I'm not working I usually go from one home improvement project to the next. 
I would just like to say thanks to all the fans that supported us through the ups and downs of last season, you guys are great, It really means a lot to the players  Hopefully next year we can bring home the title.  Happy Holidays
                                                                                - Al Benjamin

Thanks to Al Benjamin for taking the time to answer these questions also thank you to all the fans who submitted questions this week.  Next week you will hear from T-Bones utility man Nelson Gord.  Submit your questions for Nelson now to