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Inside the Clubhouse with Jeremy McInitire

11/16/2007 10:36 AM -

This week T-Bones catcher Jeremy McIntire answers your questions about his collision at home plate in his first professional game as well as what life was like for him during his rookie season.

Do you have a lot of girls that want your phone number?
Charlie – Kansas City, MO
Charles, as in most professional athletics there are many followers of the sport. With that being said many of them are female. There are many times that phone numbers exchange hands.

What were your first words when the trainer came running out to peel you off home plate?
Josh – Tonganoxie, KS
This is a fantastic question Josh. I believe I said everything was spinning. That first line is the only thing I remember about the entire night. Thanks for bringing up that wonderful memory Josh.

Thanks for your dedication to the T Bones.  Since your injury, what type of rehab did you go through to be able to return so soon?  In the off season, do you continue a certain type of regime to keep you strong and psyched for next season?  How did your family feel about you returning to the game?  Have you added any additional gear to keep you safe?
We see that you have a 2008 contract.  Does this help you plan for next season?  Speaking of next season, what do you think about the new 6 team league? We are looking forward to seeing you in the 2008 season.
Donna & Bill – Kansas City, KS
First off the T-Bones took a chance so I am forever going to be dedicated to this organization. Rehab was intense. The wonderful doctors at Providence medical or "the house of pain," as I like to call it, got me on a four day a week program that tested me physically but mostly mentally. My off-season program is well under way. I am a big fan of lifting weights. I am in the weight room six days a week. Also, I work at the Maple Woods Sports Training Center which allows me to hit as well as throw to stay in shape. As far as staying psyched, well the fans at Community America Ballpark do that for me. My Family was very nervous but they new the nature of the position so they were very supportive and I am thankful everyday for them. I have added no extra gear. I am not the type to do that. Finding out that my option was picked up for the 08 campaign was the best news I have ever received. I am curious to see how the six team league will work.

How do you like to spend your off-season, sipping fruity adult beverages on a sandy beach in mid-Missouri?
Sabrina – Anytown, USA
Well Sabrina, You are right we don’t have beaches here and fruity drinks are disregarded for hot chocolate in the off-season, but there is plenty to keep me busy like working out, trying to save a little money, and enjoying a Chiefs game here and there.

Does it give you added confidence, playing at the same community college as future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols?
Josie – Lawrence, KS
Yeah Josie I believe it does give me added confidence having played where Albert played. Knowing that someone like that played where you played reassures you that you are playing on the highest level possible.

How does it feel to be in a home plate collision, in which you are injured, in your first professional game?
Brandon – Olathe, KS
To be quite literal Brandon it hurt. I have taken a few shots in my playing career but none like that. I felt like I was hit by a tank. That whole night to this day is a blur, but the training staff (yes pat yourself on the back Josh) did a fantastic job at getting me to the clubhouse and getting me checked out.

What was your fondest memory from your first professional season?
Stephon – Columbia, MO
My fondest memory of this past season would have to be the friends I made amongst the guys and the incredible fans at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.

Which T-Bone player had your favorite walk-up music?
Kellen – Little Rock, AR
That’s an easy one, Mario Delgado. He lives like a rock star, he dresses like a rock star and as you saw at the games he definitely hits like a rock star.

If you could play any other position but catcher, what would it be?
Jim – Kansas City, KS
Jim I have always wanted to play shortstop. I would be brutal at it but I love how smooth professional shortstops are. Getting to watch Mac (Geoff McCallum) field everyday was a treat.

What is your hidden talent?
Stephanie – Basehor, KS
The only talent I can think of is that I am a decent golfer. That’s all the talent I have been blessed with. Oh and I can touch my nose with my tongue. That’s kind of weird.

Tell a funny story about T-Bones broadcaster, Tommy Thrall.
Lacey – Smithville, MO
The only funny story about Tommy that I can think of is on the bus trips if he went to the bathroom he would have to face the gauntlet. That’s all I am saying. If Tommy wants to elaborate he can. Sorry Tommy.

Who do you want to win the Kansas/Missouri football game in two weeks?
Davey – Lawrence, KS
Davey you can’t ask me that cause you know I am going to say Mizzou. I have had many friends go there and I love my Missouri athletics.

What’s your favorite food item on Thanksgiving?
Rick – Kansas City, MO
I am a meat and taters kind of guy. So I would have to say turkey and mashed potatoes. Nothing better than stuffing yourself and watching football. Oh and watching that uncle eat so much he goes into a food coma. (My uncle like that is Uncle Fred. Love ya Uncle Fred Happy Thanksgiving.)

Better Christmas movie: Christmas Vacation or It’s a Wonderful Life?
Mark – Chevy Chase, MD
There is no debate here, its Christmas vacation all the way. Cousin Eddie is the best and the nule post is fixed. I love the lighting on the house also.

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