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Hearn Encourages Father~Daughter Summit

10/30/2007 1:05 PM -

T-Bones applaud former ballplayers for their continuing contributions to the community.  Ed Hearn is a shining example of this.  Hearn, a former Kansas City Royal and cancer survivor, encourages all fathers and their teen or young adult daughters to attend the Father~Daughter Summit.
Dear Friends,
I am excited to tell you about the Father~Daughter Summit -- a one-day event that you must attend! It will mark a new beginning in your relationship with your teen or young adult daughter. Through the use of interactive exercises and creative learning experiences, dads and daughters emerge with new insight, commitment, and a solid bond that will help them travel the road ahead together with confidence and unity.
You know that I feel very strongly about the role fathers play in our society. I can say with assurance, that no matter how big the curves life throws us, creating and sustaining a heart-to-heart relationship with our children is of utmost importance.  Besides the obvious benefits, I have found this special bond can be one of the most rewarding, personally fulfilling, experiences life offers us as men.
We know that young women today are growing up in a challenging and fractured society, and to put it simply, they need us more than ever. This unique event is coming to Sheffield Family Life Center on November 3. Your attendance at the Father~Daughter Summit will give you the opportunity to communicate your commitment to your daughter. You will both be forever changed and your relationship will be strengthened, energized, and solidified.
Don't miss this opportunity. Register for the November 3 Father~Daughter Summit at Sheffield Family Life Center.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Ed Hearn
Honorary Chair
Kansas City Father~Daughter Summit
Founder, The Bottom of the Ninth Foundation
Hearn, the author of Conquering Life’s Curves, spent three seasons as a Major League catcher before a severe shoulder injury ended his career.  Now after a long struggle with a potential deadly illness, he is spreading his experiences and knowledge to groups and organizations all over the country. 

“I first met Ed back in 1987 when I was bat boy for the Royals,” said T-Bones assistant general manager Chris Browne.  “He injured his arm shortly after coming to Kansas City and it seems like he has been battling health issues ever since.  But I remember a story he told when he was down and feeling sorry for himself because of what life dealt him.  He went to visit some children at a hospital and realized he was lucky – these kids really needed the help and care. He had a family, a career, a World Series ring from the Mets – these kids had nothing! He knew had some serious battles ahead, but at least he had enjoyed life.  Some of the kids were 3,4,5 years old and terminally ill.   That really changed his outlook.  He is living proof of what positive thinking and sharing can do.  You can learn a lot by listening to some of his stories.”

Over his career, Hearn played in 62 games and hit .263 with four home runs and 14 RBI.